Onderstaande Engelstalige artikelen zijn gepubliceerd in internationale wetenschappelijke tijdschriften en gaan over onderzoeken die KOH samen met onderzoeksinstituten uitvoerden.  



Towards an optimal composition of GPs and NPs in out-of-hours primary care teams: a quasi-experimental study

Juni 2017 | BMJ Open

Primary healthcare teams with a ratio of up to two GPs and two NPs provided sufficient capacity to provide care to all patients during weekend cover. Areas of concern are the number of consultations, delay in patient care and referrals to the emergency department. Read more. 


Factors influencing decision of GP's and managers tot train and employ an NP or PA in primary care: a qualitatieve study

Februari 2017 | BMC Family Practice

This article provides insight into factors influencing the decision of GP's and managers to train and employ a PA of NP within their organisation. Read more.



The impact of substituting general practitioners with nurse practitioners on resource use, production and health-care costs during out-of-hours: a quasiexperimental study

September 2016 | BMC Family Practice

At a general practitioner cooperative experimental teams with 4 GP's and 1 NP were compared with control teams with 5 GP's. The results showed no significant differences in outcomes between teams. In the experimental team NP care resulted in lower resource use and cost savings than GP care. Read more.


Substitution of general practitioners by nurse practitioners in out-of-hours primary care: a quasi-experimental study

March 2016 │ Journal of Advanced Nursing

The results of this study show that NPs can have a valuable contribution to patient care during out-of-hours. The patients managed and care provided by NPs is roughly the same as GPs'. Read more.



The effectiveness of Nurse Practitioners working at a GP cooperative: a study protocol

Augustus 2012 │ BMC Family Practice

This study aims to assess the effects of substitution of care from general practitioners to nurse practitioners in an out-of-hours primary care setting. This study started in 2010 and ended in 2013. Read more.



Is it economically viable to employ the nurse practitioner in general practice?

August 2010 │ Journal of Clinical Nursing

The economic viability of the nurse practitioner has proven difficult to achieve in every day health care practice. It requires a reallocation of the general practitioner's freed up time towards practice growth. Read more.


Economic evaluation of nurse practitioners versus GPs in treating common conditions

January 2010 │British Journal of General Practice

Direct costs were lower for nurse practitioner consultations than for GP consultations. This was also the case for direct costs plus costs from a societal perspective for patients aged <65 years. Cost differences are mainly caused by the differences in salary. Read more.



Nurse practitioners substituting for general practitioners: randomized controlled trial

October 2008 │ Journal of Advanced Nursing

Nurse practitioners and general practitioners provide comparable care. No statistically significant differences were found in health status, medical resource consumption and compliance of practical guidelines. Patients who visited the NP had more follow-up consultations and their consultations took statistically significantly longer. Read more.



Critical appraisal of the literature on economic evaluations of substitution of skills between professionals: a systematic literature review

July 2007 │ Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Substitution of skills has been introduced to increase health service efficiency, but little evidence is available about its cost-effectiveness. This systematic review aims to identify economic evaluations of substitution between professionals, to assess the quality of the study methods applied and to value the results for decision making. Read more.